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The Basic Education Department of South Africa requires all students to be registered with them as education between Grade 1 - 9 is compulsory. The process is an easy one if the steps below are followed.


Tate World recommends that you create a space in your home for your child to work. Set up a desk with a comfortable chair near a window for natural light. Provide a laptop with a charger and a charging plug to log in and use Tate World. Make sure your child has a bottle of water to sip on as they work. Have a notepad and pencil next to the laptop for note taking or doodling while processing the content that has just been taught. For Grades 7 and upwards you will also need the textbooks recommended by Tate World. Purchase them on this link.


Take a photograph of this space to add to your application.


Set up a weekly timetable that suits your child’s lifestyle and activities. Depending on the grade your child is in, Tate World recommends a daily lesson of mindfulness to begin the day, a Maths lesson and an English lesson every day. For Grade 4 and upwards Tate World recommends 3 Afrikaans lessons per week, 2 lessons each of all the other subjects per week and 1 lesson per week of the non-academic lessons each per week. For more details on this, please click here. Remember to slot in regular breaks for fresh air outside, snacks and lunch. We recommend a break every 50 minutes.


Add this timetable to your application.

Finally the Tate World profile for your child keeps all the records of work done and all records of results achieved so when the Home Education Co-Ordinator books their visit with you they will be able to easily see where your child works, when they work and what they have accomplished in their schooling with Tate World. Tate World also issues a full academic report twice a year to add to your records. This gives a very easy approval for homeschooling your child.


Time to get started.


Please click on the link

 to find the email address of the Education Department Official to email the application forms to, when they have been completed.


Download and print the forms required for your province from the above link.


Download Tate World’s Prospectus here to show the curriculum you are using.

These are the Certified documents needed to be attached to the application when registering your child for home education:

  • Parent/s certified ID copy.

  • In the case of foreign nationals, certified copies of passport / study permit / work permit / Asylum document are required.

  • Last copy of school report (if the child was in school before)

  • Weekly timetable, which includes contact time per day (law states a minimum of 3 hours per day).

  • Breakdown of weeks per year (Tate World is 41 weeks per year).

  • Learning programme (your weekly timetable works well here).

  • Certified copy of your child’s birth certificate.

  • If you are using a Tutor, a copy of their qualifications is needed (this is officially not a requirement; however, the DoE do request it).

  • Letter of motivation about why you want to homeschool your child (this is officially not a requirement; however, the DoE do request it).

  • Please contact us at if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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