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Tate World was born and created... two women who have the vision, passion and a deep understanding of what is necessary to change the trajectory of education. It started out as a dream and has now become a fully fledged gift to all children, from all walks of life.


The intention is to change education - one click at a time. To reach children who do not necessarily have the means to access top educational facilities, teachers and academic content.  Nikki and Lieze are both teachers, parents, business women, visionaries and education disrupters. They believe that the approach to how content is delivered, to our young minds, is the key to understanding and enjoying the journey of learning. 


The Tate World seed was planted on a summer's evening when Lieze and Nikki both looked at one of their children playing Fortnite. It was holiday time and he had been sitting infront of his computer for most of the afternoon. The question was posed, 'why can our child sit infront of a screen, strategising, learning, enjoying and communicating with his friends for hours, but when they are presented with a classroom environment and a textbook, their concentration and enthusiasm for learning drops from 'hero to zero' in a few seconds. That was the fundamental question that had to be answered. What can ignite the love for learning? Learning a new skill and applying this skill/s to everyday life and scenarios. To plan, design, and tailor make your learning journey in order solidify content you have learnt. To Gamify your whole learning experience! That's the answer! Bring LIFE and FUN back to learning. 


Nikki and Lieze have also had a very personal journey of learning how to become independent strong professional women in the workplace. With this experience, their vision is to empower other women to start, create and invent new ways of teaching and guiding the next generation to think, question and not take everything at face value. They understand the daunting task of starting a business and Tate World is their gift from them to you. No worries about struggling to decide on a curriculum, expensive textbooks, massive capital layout for human resources and buildings. It is a lovely neat package of world class academic content, a powerful and modern approach to education and learning and a 'time creator' for teachers and passionate educationalists to spend their resources on building relationships with their students. No more time wasting on marking, reporting and constant planning. It's every teacher, Principal and business owner's dream.


Nikki and Lieze believe that Tate World is a passion project. Tate World will bring children, women, communities, families, business entities and ultimately countries together as there is only one GOAL - sharing the love for learning!


  • BEd Degree

  • BEd Honours in Educational Management

  • QTS Certified Educator


  • BSC (Hons) Psychology

  • Montessori Diploma

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