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  • Who is Tate World
    Tate World is a response to the critical condition our education system is in. An educational solution that is completely online, gives instant results and offers a schedule that caters to each student's individual needs. There are no set classes or time frame in which students need to complete lessons. Students get to work at their own pace on a system that is interactive and fun! Our curriculum has been built by qualified professionals and we are constantly working on improving our coursework. Lessons are aimed at preparing students for the global stage giving them better opportunities to succeed. Our passion comes from our belief that every child deserves access to quality education that is inclusive. Your child deserves to access learning in a space that encourages their skills and passions. Our online curriculum provides just that!
  • What is gamification?
    One of our biggest goals is to encourage students to be active participants in their learning. How do we achieve this? By making use of gamification. Gamification is our strategic attempt to enhance our lessons by adding games and gamelike elements to motivate and engage students.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes, we do! We offer a 30-day free trial in which you can access our subjects. There are no strings attached. We simply want to provide you with the opportunity to get accustomed to our system and determine whether it will be the right choice for your child and their individual needs. Start Here.
  • Can students work individually?
    This will be entirely dependent on what your child's needs are and their skill level. We do advise parental supervision and assistance for younger age groups, whereas older children will be able to work through their lessons on their own. It is still important however to hold your child/ren accountable and check in regularly to monitor their progress.
  • Homeschooling
    Making the decision to homeschool your child is an exciting, but often a nerve-wracking decision. We are all so accustomed to mainstream learning that the idea of choosing a different path is scary and paired with tons of concerns. So let's put your mind at ease. Firstly, we are a registered curriculum provider under the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). All educational material is provided by us. You simply need to supervise and monitor your child's progress. With all the homeschooling platforms out there, why should you choose to enroll with us? All our lessons, including the evaluations, are part of our automatic system. This means that you do not have to worry about any lesson planning or marking. It is all done for you. In this way, you can rest assured that your child is meeting the objectives of the curriculum and you receive immediate feedback. This cuts out the added stress and pressure parents often feel when homeschooling. You'll be able to fully enjoy the experience with your child/ren! What are you responsible for? When you make the decision to homeschool your child, you must apply to the head of your provincial education department to register your child for homeschooling. You are also responsible for ensuring that your child has a workspace and environment that is conducive to learning and exploring the new concepts they are learning. Our dream is to be a part of a partnership with our parents that enables the child to grow into the best version of themselves in a safe and loving space.
  • Workload
    Our focus at Tate World is to prioritise our students, afterall, they are the future! We know, through research, that a heavy workload does not always equal good results. Kids need time to be kids. Students only need to focus on completing their daily lessons and managing their time well. In some grades, they will be required to do some extra work for enrichment, but this will mainly be for older kids. In this way, students are not bogged down by heaps of worksheets but are rather given the chance to explore and learn more about the world and their interests.
  • Grading
    How will your child/ren be graded? All our evaluations are set up on different levels. This makes space for basic knowledge and also higher-level questions that are expected for problem solving skills. All questions are marked automatically on our system and learners receive immediate feedback. The final end of year mark is divided into the following categories: First, ongoing assessments that make up 70% of the final mark, and formal assessments that make up the other 30% of the final mark.
  • Can students work at their own pace?
    One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is that students get to work at their own pace. Students can work through the lessons as slowly or quickly as they need to and refer back to any concepts they do not fully understand yet.
  • Do students need textbooks?
    Students in grades R to 6 do not need textbooks or additional material. However, students from grades 7 and up do require textbooks and this is compulsory. You can find the list of textbooks needed by following this link.
  • Can my child go back to mainstream after learning at Tate World?
    If you find that homeschooling is not working for you, it is entirely possible for your child to return back into a mainstream school. We issue reports every 6 months and you must use this when reapplying for admission to a mainstream school. Please note that you need to ensure that your child's homeschooling status is updated at WCED when you make the move back to mainstream learning.
  • Can students do two years in one year?
    Yes, they can. We will be giving students the opportunity to finish two years in one year as of 2023.
  • How are exams written?
    Students will be expected to write traditional, sit-down exams from Gr. 10 only. Exams are written at a registered Cambridge center near you with a set timeframe to complete the exam. They need to be written with pen and paper and answers are expected to be detailed. When do students write their exams? The Cambridge IGCSE exams and the AS Level exams can be written in May or October of each year. When you decide to write will ultimately depend on your readiness.
  • When do students get reports?
    We issue reports every six months that will give you feedback on your child's progress and what they need to work on to succeed at the end of the year.
  • How do I know about my child's progress?
    You simply need to go into the Results Book to see the grades provided to you by our online system to track your child's progress. This is updated each time they complete an assessment. Your child will also be issued a report every six months.
  • Can students with special needs learn at Tate World?
    Tate World is the perfect platform for students with barriers to learning. We believe in inclusive education for all children. Our platform gives parents and learners the opportunity to explore schooling that caters to their own individual needs. You can pace your learning, give your child individual attention, take breaks as needed and cut out any extra distractions.
  • What curriculum do you use?
    We created a solid curriculum which is a culmination of the best curricula from around the world. Students have the option of completing their studies with either a Cambridge or an NSC school leavers certificate (matric). This gives students the opportunity to obtain an internally accredited education while pacing their own studies. Our curriculum gives students a pathway to success from pre-primary right through to their graduation.
  • What does Tate World cost?
    Tate World monthly subscription costs are: R800 monthly for Gr.R R2 000 monthly for Gr.1-6 R2 500 monthly for Gr 7-9 R2 700 monthly for I-GCSE (6 Subjects) R3 000 monthly for I-GCSE (7 Subjects)
  • How does the free trial work?
    You are welcome to a free trial of 30 days where you can experience Tate World with all its benefits.
  • Would my child be able to catch up if we sign up during the year? How does the curriculum work?
    You can sign up at any time throughout the year. You sign up by subscribing to a monthly fee, or you buy the whole grade's course in a once-off fee. This will give you access to the whole year's lessons to work through at your own speed.
  • What makes Tate World different from other online educational offerings?
    Tate World offers a gamified educational solution. This means that we make use of gaming elements to motivate students, such as reward stars, experience points, etc. There is a leaderboard for students to see their progress in comparison with their peers. Results are instant and online. There is little to no assistance needed to complete activities and assessments. We have found that our competitors make use of a lot of PDFs that require the assistance of a parent or tutor to mark and check. The activities also do not give results, solutions, or try again options. Whereas Tate World offers this solution. It is truly a fun, informative, user-friendly, and interactive system.
  • Which grades and subjects do you offer?
    Gr. R to 12 English First Language, Mathematics, Afrikaans Second Language, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, History, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, Mindfulness, Cooking, Gardening, Music and Art. Please look here for more info:
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