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Tate World is your all inclusive school and is fully online. Tate World is changing education from the boring chalk and talk to videos, games, quizzes and all the content needed to teach our children and prepare them for their future. Their future world is completely different to the world we, as parents, were meant to be prepared for. Tate World has compiled the best curriculli, added the parts that were missing from our education, like sustainable gardening, mindfulness and how to cook your favourite meal, and included the gaming technique that motivates, in fact, lights up, the kids of today. Schooling should be made interesting, engaging and fun to keep our kids working hard through their lessons to achieve good results and to be future ready. Tate World provides it all.


We have discarded boring pdfs and replaced them with interactive activities. All our teaching videos are pre-recorded, engaging and interesting and can be re-watched many times until the concept is understood. Our grades are divided into two parts - Semester 1 and Semester 2. A report is issued at the end of each semester when all the activities and assessments have been completed. Our lessons are divided into 5 parts and use the Bloom’s Taxonomy Approach. There is an evaluation section at the end of every lesson to check if the objective has been achieved. This gives instant feedback on how your child is progressing and if the lesson needs to be redone or if they can move on. Colour tabs next to each section of the lesson show a green “complete” if the activity has been attempted and passed or orange “pending” if the activity needs to be completed or repeated to pass.

Tate World is more than just an online school, we are an Online Education Management Solution. Our system marks instantly, records these marks to our Result Book, and records progress minute-by-minute. This means that a student, teacher, tutor or parent can check a student's progress at any time.

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