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hassle-free online school that guarantees quality education

Have you searched far and wide for an online school that will save you money and time? 


We bet you know what it feels like to stare into piles and piles of books and have no idea where to start! 


Tate World wants you to take a deep breath.


STOP, and listen.

We are offering you quality education that is easy to follow. No planners, piles of books or difficult schedules. 


It’s as easy as logging in and following the instructions & activities on the screen.



"This is a wonderful curriculum that makes homeschooling super easy for parents and children".

Cassy Fegen


"To date, my son is really enjoying the freedom of working his own hours and at his own pace".


"Both my kids are doing Tate. My daughter has been working through the curriculum since 2020. She is really enjoying the content and is able to navigate through the courses by herself. My son started Tate grade R this year. I am very excited to see his progress after this year".

Jacqueline de Ronde


We have 290 satisfied users on Tate World who are on our site on a daily basis. 


They are living the dream! 

Tate World costs only R2000 per month for Grades 1 - 6! And R2500 for Gr7-9! 

Only R2000? Yes, you read correctly. 

For only R2000 per month, your child can access quality education without the hassle. 

This works out to R66 per day, which is R7 less than my Vanilla Lattes for me and my colleague yesterday!

Your child’s schooling can be less than your daily coffee! 

Why is this?

Because at Tate World we care for you and your finances. You do not have to break the bank to afford a good education. 

We want to see your children succeed and reach their full potential!


And GUESS WHAT? You don’t have to pay for school clothes, use petrol to get your children to school, or compete with the latest stationery and book trends.


This is exactly what you have been waiting for, a way to save money while giving your children the best education possible.


What is the best education out there?

The best education is where we can guarantee you success. 


And success for your child is to have a flourishing FUTURE. 

We guarantee that we will prepare your child to write your NSC or Cambridge school leavers examination.

Ok, so schooling that costs less than coffee, to give my child a future?!

Yes, you heard me.

Tate World is so easy to use that you don’t even have to remember to pay, we will help you to subscribe to a monthly payment that automatically goes off your account.

All you need is a bank account (straight, not budget), and you will use your debit or credit card details to subscribe.


Today, we are giving you the FIRST MONTH FREE!  Because we want to see you get started right away! 


Please HURRY as there are only 50 SPOTS LEFT AT THIS PRICE!

Book a seat! 






Do not delay! 

This is the best investment that you can make for your child’s future!




Kind Regards,


The Tate World Team


PS. Sign up now for your FREE Month 1 Starter Course. You will not regret it.

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